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What are the 3 best delivery platforms in France?

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What are the 3 best delivery platforms in France?

The home delivery industry is not new but is currently showing significant growth. Many pizzerias, supermarkets, and fast-food chains have been delivering their products for several years, if not decades.
Today, major delivery platforms are building relationships with as many merchants, franchises, and restaurants as possible to provide the best possible service. Focus on the best delivery platforms in France, which have increased their scope since the start of the Covid19 pandemic.

The UberEats platform

Considered the number 1 digital platform in France, UberEats has been able to cover the majority of French regions thanks to its partnership with numerous hypermarkets and fast food chains.
The app allows customers to choose their favorite dishes from local restaurants and deliver them to their homes on tight deadlines.
However, it’s good to know that UberEats and Uber are two different logistics platforms, but they share several similar characteristics like cashless transactions and expected delivery times. If you trust Uber to drive you safely around your city, you might also trust Uber to deliver your favorite foods to you.
The UberEats app is a standalone delivery platform, which is currently available in many countries of the European Union.

The Deliveroo platform

It is the most used meal delivery app in Europe. Deliveroo allows customers to order their meals from restaurants that do not have their own platforms.
The fast delivery options and coupons offered by Deliveroo attract customers who want the best possible service.
The use of this digital platform is high due to a greater number of customers and a greater choice of restaurants, which makes it one of the best applications available, not only in France but in the world. whole.
Deliveroo’s success has even enabled it to replace the Carrefour delivery platform.

The Stuart app

Stuart is one of the most established delivery platforms. It is present in more than 100 French cities. The application offers excellent services in large metropolises such as Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, …
This IT platform not only focuses on food quality but also how restaurants work with it to deliver orders in the shortest time possible.

Why have delivery platforms become so popular?

Besides the confinement and the accelerated pace of modern life, here are a few arguments that make delivery platforms so coveted:

  • The menu is visible and easily accessible through the application.
  • They offer to order options for delivery or pick-up.
  • They offer real-time home delivery tracking.
  • Well-designed apps deliver good performance for the best customer experience.

Now that you know the most reliable delivery platforms in France, all you have to do is download the app of your choice from the Play Store or App Store, and order your products.