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The boom in Click and Collect platforms in France: we tell you everything!

click and collect

The boom in Click and Collect platforms in France: we tell you everything!

COVID-19 has totally transformed the retail landscape. In France, and according to official sources, more than 12 million households shopped online between March and December 2020. And with the re-containment and concerns about social distancing changing the way we interact, Click and Collect and home delivery have experienced an incredible boom.

Historically reserved for large supermarkets and restaurant chains, Click and Collect platforms have become the fulfillment method of choice for many buyers as overwhelmed delivery service providers struggle to meet typical delivery times. .

Consumers and also small traders have turned to this fast, convenient, reliable and contactless processing option that allows them to save money and have better control over purchases.

To respond to these seismic changes, many web & mobile platforms have emerged to allow businesses to add Click and Collect, local delivery and third-party delivery options to their sales process.

What is Click and Collect?

The “Click and Collect” option, sometimes referred to as “local pickup” or “in-store pickup”, allows customers to pick up their order at the nearest store, rather than waiting for home delivery. After placing an order online or over the phone, customers receive a notification when the order is ready to be picked up, so they can pick it up on their own instead of waiting days or weeks.

This ingenious alternative, which dates back to the 2000s, has been adopted by several giants and multinationals. As a result, you have certainly heard of Click and Collect Monoprix, Click and Collect Décathlon, Ikea, McDonalds, …

Indeed, the majority of large companies in France already have their Clic and Collect applications which simplify the delivery of products purchased online thanks to points of sale in all regions as well as to partners made up of small traders. .

How does the “Click and Collect” application work?

The “Click and Collect” system may vary slightly from retailer to retailer, but it generally works as follows:

  • Your customer places and pays for their order online or over the phone, and chooses where and when they want to pick it up.
  • You prepare the order.
  • Your customer is notified that the item purchased online is ready for collection and is given instructions on how to do so.
  • Your customer comes to pick up his order.

What are the advantages of the “Click and Collect” system for the consumer?

A fast system

With the “Click and Collect” app, consumers can shop online 24/7 and pick up their purchases at their convenience, without having to worry about being home to receive the delivery.

Effective retailers offer a Next Day or even Same Day Click and Collect service. For example, the Click and Collect platforms of restaurants offer the recovery of meals after only 30 minutes of their order.

A reliable system

The “Click and Collect” service eliminates the risk of your products being delayed, missing or damaged during delivery.

A cheaper option than home delivery

The absence of shipping costs saves consumers money, especially for the more expensive items.


What are the advantages of Click and Collect for sellers?

The in-store collection also has undeniable advantages for sellers:

Reduced costs

Companies adopting this system save on shipping costs and can make the most of quieter times by having their staff handle Clic and Collect order processing.

Improvement of the seller-customer relationship

Click and Collect platforms make it possible to maintain the relationship with the customer and the seller. Indeed, for orders placed online and delivered by a third party, there is no interaction of the customer with the seller at the time of execution. This system therefore ensures that the retailer maintains a relationship with the customer throughout the purchase journey.