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Custom software / application development: the benefits for companies

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Custom software / application development: the benefits for companies

With the growth of online businesses, the need for solutions to manage them continues to grow. Tailor-made web or mobile development is a booming niche market that aims to adapt to the growing demands of different industries and sectors of activity, relying on its ability to optimize products and offer new customized solutions.

While it is true that there is already a multitude of programs to meet the needs of different businesses, they do not cease to have specific needs. In these cases, opportunities arise to develop fully-customized software or applications.

The personalization of computer applications refers to this type of software development that aims to adapt to the requirements of companies or the particular needs of an institution or an administration, thus making it possible to respond to them concretely and completely.

Why develop tailor-made software?

Some companies face the problem when looking for software to meet their needs because despite a large number of programs and applications available in the market today, in many cases, they still do not meet all of them. their specific needs and requirements. This can lead to using various solutions to achieve the same goal, which can make management processes difficult, delayed, and expensive.

Another possibility that comes up over and over again is that applications offer much more functionality than many businesses might need, which means that in the short term the cost of implementation will increase dramatically and that in the long run, the productivity rate the application provides will be lost and its use may even be abandoned in favor of other, generally less automated options.

Therefore, to solve these problems and provide companies with the ideal solutions for their operations, the development of tailor-made IT applications is the best viable solution, both in terms of cost and profitability.

Perform a correct needs analysis

Knowing the exact purpose of the software application will be the key to success. Starting from the example of a house, it is only by knowing in depth the type of building in terms of size, distribution, characteristics, materials, location, and orientation, that we will be able to develop a house according to customer requirements.

The same is true for software and applications, and that is why analysts and developers must have a complete understanding and vision of all requirements, as well as the results and pursued objectives, to design and customize the software according to customer needs.

Evaluate costs and maintenance needs

There are two types of costs in this area: the initial development cost and the maintenance cost, which is repeated periodically. Therefore, before starting, it will be necessary to bring together customers, analysts, and developers to analyze the necessary expenses of maintaining the bespoke application/software.

Calculate the return on investment

We need to consider the tangible benefits of tailor-made software development and consider whether the proposed budget is sufficient to develop software solutions with the required quality and within the agreed timeframe.

Development companies and clients should calculate and keep in mind the value of this investment in the short and long term before embarking on the project so that it is feasible and profitable for both parties.

The Lynkbootser agency based in Lyon and operating throughout France will be able to create the software or application adapted to your business and your needs, depending on the objectives you want to achieve.